Custom gear was an idea. An idea that thought of a "home" page which lead to MANY other websites. While this "home" page was being built with many different options or choices of items, would also be building "niche" sites. The original thought or idea was in the description of the individual product to start adding links which would lead one to a more "specialized" store ONLY being about THAT product. 

      Custom gear came along after years of trying to be able to make a living online. That process became very necessary when "COVID" started. It is sad it took so long to get this up after having tried all the other new age business models. Which failed, was either to new of an idea or just a scam. Scams suck, those people can burn ... it is hoped that they are living a good life.

       This site is being created by a disabled American citizen and because of that, funds are EXTREMELY limited. Also knowledge of doing such thing is slim to none. So please excuse any "non professional" anything, as this is the first time anything has ever been created like this with NO HELP. Thank you for checking it out though and hope that you find something that you like! You are truly appreciated!


       Please contact custom If you have any concerns or questions. Some advice on pricing or anything else would truly be appreciated! Stay safe and stay beautiful out in the crazy world today!